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Tour de south coast – another tramendous victory for team bamboo-beix

Tour de south coast – 13th May 2018

Minane Bridge – In the spring classic „tour de south coast“ Team bamboo-beix was able to bring home victories in the categories „bamboo bike“ and „bamboo bike with a Trailer“ which should be established.

It was a fabulous cycle, well organised, stunning scenery and lots of very nice people.

Thanks to Miki for sending the Trailer, that was our 3rd trip with it and the smallies loved it.

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anniversary campaign from the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle by Karl Drais

bamboo-beix is selected as one location on the “map of inovation”

The interactive map is part of the anniversary campaign “200 years bicycle – made in Germany” held by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and presents various innovations that should shape and direct the future of the bicycle.

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podium talk „bamboo bikes“ in the museum of Leonberg

… presentation of our little bike craft shop

The museum of Leonberg has put together a remarkable exhibition about the last 200 years history of the bicycle. The exhibits reach from the beginning (a rebuild of the patented draisine from 1817) up the current bike models from 2017.

As part of the programme we will present our small bamboo bike craft shop and would be happy to welcome as many guests as possible.

The podium talk will take place in the museum of Leonberg (Pfarrstraße 1) on the 7th of May 2017 at 2:30 pm.,2691.6.1&ModID=11&FID=2691.28.1&NavID=2691.246&La=1

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1st workshop with the „Werkstatthaus Stuttgart“

… it comes together, what belongs together.

In recant years the “Werkstatthaus in Stuttgart” became a well known institution that enhanced the cultural landscape of Stuttgart with its wide range of courses and events. You can learn here and improve upon not only various skills of craftmanship and artwork but also meet interesting people from very different backgrounds.

The current workshop strated on the 8th of April 2017.

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Newspaper from 04.08.16 (Koblenzer Rhein-Zeitung)

… editor Volker gets excited on the test ride

The newspaper artikel is about our new e-bike, which is most likely the first S-Pedelec in the world, that is made of bamboo. The Prototype was developed in collaboration with The editor from the newspaper like the test ride that much, that he would have like to ride the bike home.

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Oscar-Walcker-Schule Handover

… official handover

Within the scope of the bestowal for “Educational-Oscar-Award” on 21st of July the bamboo-bike-workshop made a presentation and the new school bikes were officially handed over to Oscar-Walcker-School and “International Bund e.V.”

The workshop offered the opportunity for students to gain experience using the material, bamboo, practice crafting skills but also present themselves to crafting companies.

This year’s workshop gave us the opportunity to develop an educational concept that integrates various key subjects on a theoretical and practical level.

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